FAQ' s


Question:  What is the mission of the MSCC organization?

Answer:  Our mission is to provide affordable, relevant, high quality continuing education offerings to medical speech-language pathologists.

California Continuing Education Information

Question:  What are the specific requirements to renew my CA license?

Answer:  For specific information on California CE requirements to renew your license, please visit the Department of Consumer Affairs Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board for specifics.

Are self study courses allowed for CE renewals?

Answer: Yes.  You are allowed 6 hours of Self Study courses out of 24 of the required CE's.  Self-Study– This includes viewing pre-recorded courses, listening to audiotapes, and online courses which are non-participatory (recorded courses that include a live chat or test upon completion are still considered self-study.) Live online courses are not self-study and are considered the equivalent to sitting in a class.   https://www.speechandhearing.ca.gov/licensees/ce_req.shtml 

Hosting a Conference

Question:  If I volunteer to host a conference for MSCC at my hospital or facility, will my staff be allowed to attend for free?

Answer:  Our membership fees are reasonable and designed to support the ongoing viablity of our organization.  We are unable to offer free attendance to courses in exchange for free meeting accommodations.  Our tax exempt status has strict requirements to maintain the integrity of the organization and does not allow us to exchange free attendance in exchange for free meeting accommodations.

How much work is involved in hosting an MSCC event?

Answer:  MSCC Executive Board members and volunteers will do all the work!  We pay for the speaker, printing of purchased handouts, refreshments, speaker feed, etc.  All the host site is required to do is procure the meeting room for us and act as a liaison between the facility and MSCC Executive Board members/Volunteers in order to facilitate the details of the conference such as AV arrangements, catering, meeting and facilities paperwork.

Membership Renewal

Question:  If I paid my registration fee for last year, but never attended any courses, can my registration fee apply to this year?

Membership is paid on an annual basis and is not transferable if you do not attend any classes in the calendar year proceeding the current year. Annual fees are required every year regardless of the number of courses you attend.

Question:  I renewed my membership to the November course last year but did not attend any other courses, does my membership transfer to the next year?

Answer:  Membership is paid on an annual basis and is not transferable if you do not attend any classes in the calendar year proceeding the current year. Annual fees are required every year regardless of the number of courses you attend.

Question:  I just started my CF and do not need continuing education units yet, do I have to pay the full membership fee or will I continue to qualify for the student membership renewal?

Answer:  We recognize all the expenses associated with becoming a licensed, certified speech-language pathologist and will allow you to maintain your student membership until you complete your CF.  Once you require CE's to renew your license, you will need to be a full member of MSCC for your CE's to count towards your license renewal credits.

Question:  I am enrolled in a PhD program, do I qualify for a student membership rate?

Answer:  If you are registering for courses and intend to qualify for valid CE credits, you will need to register as a full member of MSCC.  You would not qualify for student membership rates.

Children @ Conferences

Question:  Is it okay for me to bring my newborn baby or kids of any age to a conference?

Answer: While we fully support and acknowledge the importance of our families, we respectfully request that you make arrangements for someone to care for your children as they are not allowed in the conferences. Thank you for understanding.  We are committed to providing the highest quality speakers and best learning environment for all attendees.

ASHA CE Requirements

Question:  Does MSCC offer ASHA CE's?

Answer:  Effective January 2023 MSCC has been approved as a CE provider.

Question: How do I find my ASHA Certification number?

Answer: Sign on to www.asha.org and your ASHA Certification number will be listed under the MY ACCOUNT section of your profile.  It is an 8 digit number.


Question:  When will be meeting in person for conferences?

Answer:  We are currently working on our schedule for 2023 which will include a combination of in person meetings and Zoom webinars.