Satisfactory Completion of Course Policy

Medical Speech-Language Pathology Council of California wishes to provide flexible and supportive learning environments. To this end, the organization wants to ensure compliance with relevant state and national agencies in regard to satisfactory completion of each course by all attendees.
It is your responsibility to be aware of your individual assocation's licensing/certification requirements regarding attendance requirements, continuing education hours required and accepted course formats.  We have systems in place that ensure the tracking of your attendance including time spent via zoom format, satisfactory completion of self-study, in person attendance and/or online viewing of recorded sessions.
In order to receive the full assigned amount of continuing education hours, attendees are required to attend the entire course from beginning to end.  If attendees arrive more than 15 minutes late or leave more than 15 minutes early, their continuing education certificate will be adjusted accordingly.  Attendees who wish to make up the missed time will be required to watch the recorded session and complete the quiz with an 80% or higher score to receive full credit for the course in question.
It will be necessary for attendees to sign into the Zoom meeting, attend in person or sign in to the recorded session and complete the associated quiz to receive credit for the course.  Phoning in to listen to the course only will not full fill the requirement to receive credit for the course.  If you have a special request or need accommodations for attending a course under special circumstances, please contact the executive board @ and your request will be addressed.